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Interview With Ryan Atkins

In episode 64 (and our first of 2021), we were joined by Ryan Atkins. Ryan is a Canadian professional runner, obstacle racer, cyclist and adventure racer. We got to chat with Ryan about his record setting Everesting run (yes, you read that correctly. He ran the equivalent elevation gain of Mount Everest, 29,029 feet, at a ski hill near his home in Quebec) where his diet devolved to the most Canadian thing we’ve ever heard on the podcast; beer and maple syrup. He also shares with us some stories from being a member of Team Canada Adventure at Eco Challenge Fiji. Despite a relative lack of experience in multi day adventure racing, and against an incredible field of teams (and over 60 of them!) Team Canada Adventure raced their way to second place in the return of the iconic Eco Challenge racing series. Ryan is also an accomplished obstacle racer, having competed in a huge number of Spartan races. We hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

Ryan Atkins on Instagram;

Ryan Atkins on Strava;

Everesting Run;

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