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Interview with Fergus Liam

In Episode the opportunity to host Fergus Liam, the North American Marketing Manager at Ritchey Design/Ritchey Logic. Fergus tells us about his early days as a bike courier in San Francisco, and making a career out of his passion for bikes. We get a really interesting look inside the industry from this conversation. For example, we discuss the practice of rebranding components to accommodate sponsorships and rider preferences (Tyler shares how during his 2nd place finish at the Giro d’Italia in 2002, he was riding a Parlee frame, painted as a Look). We also get to hear a bit about the creative process of Ritchey founder and legendary frame builder, Tom Ritchey.

Show Notes: Follow Fergus on Instagram here:

Visit Ritchey online at:

Two Beers With Ritchey/Ritchey Design on YouTube: (8) Ritchey Design - YouTube

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